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Qingdao is expected to become the first City of Film in China

Qingdao is expected to become the first City of Film in China

Qingdao, this well-known film city, is approaching the goal of becoming Oriental Hollywood. Qingdao application for becoming City of Filmin UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) has achieved significant breakthrough that Qingdao has obtained the Statement of Support of China UNESCO National Committee.
According to the related stipulations of the UNESCO, every year one country can only have 4 cities qualified for entering the creative cities network. The person in charge of the municipal culture department said excitedly: We get the admission ticket for the finals. There is only the last one kilometer left before becoming the first city of film in China.
The application results will be announced on October 31st. Qingdao has decided on the application theme Qingdao, a city born for films. It will launch various city presentations and film and TV exchange activities to step towards the planned goal.
The UCCN was created in 2004 and covers 7 categories of creative cities namely cities of design, cities of film, cities of handicraft and folk arts, cities of gastronomy, cities of literature, cities of media art and cities of music. Currently 116 cities from 54 countries has participated in the creative cities network. China has 18 cities but doesnt have city of film.
Qingdao is hailed as a natural studio. In recent years the city has attached high importance to the development of film and TV industry, issued the film and TV industry development program, released the most favorable subsidy policies on filming in the world, planed and constructed Lingshan Bay Film and TV Cultural Zone, introduced Qingdao Oriental Film Metropolis and other culture projects and possessed the international first class shooting bases and service guarantee capability. Liang Chen (The newly-built film museum in Lingshan Bay Film and TV Cultural Zone)


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